Complaint Form – Sex Workers

    A) General Information on the Complaint

    A.1 State, County, or City

    A.2 Workplace/Type of Sex Work
    (More than one answer possible)
    Apartment/Working FlatBar/Strip ClubBrothelClubEscort/ Travelling EscortFetish/ BDSMDoor-to-door venueCaravan/TrailerMassage/TantraOwn apartmentStreetEvents

    A.3 Nationality

    A.4 When did it happen? Month & Year

    B) Where was the problem?

    (Please send in a separate form for each place)
    Registration officeForeigner’s Registration OfficeBuilding AuthorityTax AuthorityPublic Health AuthorityBusiness and Trade OfficeJob Centre/Employment AgencyChild Protection AuthorityPublic Order AuthorityPoliceTax Investigation AuthorityCustoms Authority
    Other Authority:

    C) Reason for Complaint

    (More than one answer possible)
    My personal information was passed onThe police or another authority entered and searched my residenceMy registration application was rejectedMy working apartment or my caravan/trailer was not approvedMy event was not approvedProblems with applicationsI have to fulfill obligations that constrain my work or that I cannot fulfillI have to fulfill obligations that are so expensive that I cannot afford themI was accused of something that I didn’t doI was given a fine that was too highI was fined although I didn’t do anything wrongThe fine is so high that i cannot pay itI was inspected without being given a reasonDisrespectful treatmentPhysical violence during insepctionSexual violence during inspection

    D) Resulting damage and consequences

    (more than one answer possible)
    OutingMaterial damageI had to pay a fineI lost money because I couldn’t work or because I had to cancel dates/sessionsProhibition from workingDeportationPsychological strainPhysical injury/pain

    E) What happened? Please provide a short description of the incident

    We will send you a request to confirm this e-mail address. We can only process this complaint if you confirm your e-mail address. We will not save this e-mail address nor will we pass it on.