About the complaint form

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The Prostitute Protection Law (ProstSchG) was drafted without the participation of sex workers and passed despite broad criticism from those affected and their allies. The law contains major restrictions on the rights of sex workers and subjects them to various obligations. The implementation of this law is expected to have negative consequences on the lives of those affected.

The law also stipulates an evaluation of the effetcs of the ProstSchG, though very underfunded and not due to be published until 2022. Together with our allies we strive to make these effects visible, which is why we’ve created this complaint form.

All problems encountered through the introduction of the ProstSchG can be reported here and documented as such. This website is only intended for the reporting of problems directly related to the new Prostitute Protection Law (eg: conflicts with official inspections). This website is not for complaints about services provided by sex workers or client behaviour.

The information provided on this server will be saved according to German data protection guidelines, and then subsequently collected and evaluated. The evaluation will proceed in cooperation with researchers and social workers and will be made open to the public. The evaluation will also be part of the discussions at the Sex Work Congress 2018.

Complaint Form – Sex Workers